weird friend hurts the most

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The weird friends, or the one who try to makes people laugh are the one who probably hurts the most when everybody left the party and he’s still there, in the room, alone. I used to be one of them, once, I think I liked to make people laugh; instead of laugh they turned to be some kind of cynical instead. It’s a childish thing, I guess, making weird jokes and pretended awkward personality or even impersonated your teacher or your other friend who’s also weird. Deep down it’s so sad. And we think the only honest way to show other people that you’re sad in the adult world is through humorous.

Me, for example, when something bad happens to me I used to make joke to find my way out of the grievances and tragedy. Like when my mom passed away or when I’d been discriminated. I don’t like other people to feel pity on me. I made joke and they laughed and that’s okay. And they think that’s okay. But the truth is that I am sad. And I am not ok.

The result of our innocence youth led to the day of the miserable adulthood and no one appreciate that kind of joke anymore and your weird friends were left alone in the corner of the room or wandering aimlessly around the room trying to make people laugh, but never goes into the serious talk and no-one took him seriously. That guy’s crazy. I bet you’ve heard this line more than once in your life.

Admit it, life wouldn’t be fun if no-one do something weird. I understand that there is someone who wasn’t sad, but who make joke out of everything. It’s the choice whether you’d be a funny guy without being sad inside or just to be a guy who makes joke just to hide your tears. No matter what it is, I have to remind myself to take care of my weird friends and appreciate everything they do. Be thankful for their weirdness, my weirdness.



                                          Because we’re all weird.

                                           In a very strange ways.

                                                           . . .


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