Never Sleep

posted on 20 Feb 2013 11:57 by nathablog


The thing is we’re all having big dreams. Craving for what we want to fulfill our desires. I knew my relatives, who own a big house near a big lake. And by living in such a big house with such an exquisite view they seemed to be the most unhappy person I’ve ever met. They’re always looking for a flaw in something. Always complaining how things could be better.

However, in order to live a life. We’ve to do what we have to to get what we want. Because we’re human and our being cause the infinite desires. We’ll never stop wanting. Once you own a fancy car with such a fancy price, which is slowly decreasing its price day by day. Soon you’ll find yourself unfulfilled. You’ll want more than that fancy BMW. But how can you top that BMW. I mean if you have abundant sources of money. That’s okay. You’ll find it easy to get what you want. But for those who haven’t inherited from the healthiness family. Those who have just enough money to buy an exact one BMW. Who have nothing else when they’re bored by the car.

I just don’t get it why we want what we’re incapable or we’ve to try so hard to have. Those feeling when you own something isn’t last for long. Why do we need to have it all at once and then start craving for something more. Or is this how the world works? To enjoy the satisfaction that will go away just in the blink of an eye. It going to be hard. Because you make it hard. You bought yourself BMW and now you’ll gonna need a big mansion that suit for your fancy car. And once you have it you’ll gonna need a maid, gardener and whothehellknows what else.