Travel and New Year

posted on 29 Dec 2012 21:58 by nathablog in FORBETTERSWEETLIVE

For those who planned to go on holiday in this crowded festival, mostly I saw people trying to get home as soon as possible, lucky for those who already have a planned and got hotel and air-tickets booked out. But for those who has only one last minute after been hit by the final meeting or have to get shit done before the holiday and had not been prepare for the moment of maddening line of people from everywhere at the bus terminal or train station or the airport. I don’t know if it’s the same in your place or it just my country which has poorly public transportations so many people have to wait to the next day until they got a ride.

                Which is really funny because I just don’t care about all this New Year vibes and trying to get home: like other people. But unfortunately I wanted to go somewhere just not so far from the city that I live at. So I began to pack my stuffs into the back-pack this morning and went off to the bus terminal. The first thing I know is there’s the traffic already at the entrance to the bus terminal. I stuck here like half an hour then I decided to walked and suddenly daunted by the enormous line of people (not tourists, they’re difference) waiting to buy a mini bus ticket . I was trapped here for hour and then I finally came to the selling booth and the woman in the selling booth informed me that the next available bus is on 3.30 pm. From where I stand, it’s just 9.15 in the morning and I felt the urge to turn around and back to my apartment (that would be better considering all these people)   but I bought one of the ticket which cost me almost nothing perhaps I would change my mind later.

                I was lost in my own country and my own town. Definitely embarrassed myself by filling my back-pack and buy myself snacks from 7-11 and brought a book to read on the bus like everything will turn out the same as the picture I painted in mind which is now gone. I went to Starbucks, calling friends and complained and decided to get rid of this ticket by give it to somebody else who ever needed or be able to go there in a sudden for free.


That time I don’t feel like fun to go travel at all. As I look down the wall-window from the second floor of Starbucks Coffee and see a lot of tourists (now they’re tourist; westerner, Koreans, Japanese, Chinese even Thais. They not people trying to get home to their love ones, but away from home, otherwise: can tell by those huge Deuter, Osprey or The North Face back-pack, etc ) and cars slowly move and the heat was painful even for me who used to the sun.

                When I get home from the coffee shop I opened the door and everything in my room seemed like they didn’t expect me to come home so early, like those toys in Toy Story, they seemed to laughing at me for being silly.

                By the way, in case you read this and you might wonder, I do not want to go anywhere special on New Year Eve (too much embarrassing already), except that party in the garage at my friend’s house.

We’ll have barbecue!