I'm a wallflower

posted on 19 Dec 2012 14:25 by nathablog

There’s a lot that I missed in high school. And there’re still a lot of things that I missed in the university. Despite I was participated in any events that I could possibly be part of. There’re not a lot like western civilization. Things just got very still and quiet around here and I can’t help it. Because I can’t change people to do things that I loved. I can’t manage to hold a legendary party once I am no longer live in a house. It’s like Charlie said at the end of the movie, ‘This moment are not the story. This is happening.’ And it leaves me with some tears. I’m not usually cry at the movie. But this is not just a movie; it has portraits my life as well. Like reading my own diary if I ever have a chance to go to school like the one in this movie. I shouldn’t feel bad about all this. My life was different from the perfect movie I just saw. The problem is I wanted to have a life like the movie. And I began to regret because all those high school years are behind me now. Nothing else I can do to make it better. I couldn’t rewrite my own history.


This movie taught me to living in the moment. Living to make the history even though it was the simplest and smallest piece of life.